We are aware of current concerns regarding a respiratory virus effecting dogs. Below is the information we passed on to our clients to assure them we are doing all that we can to keep their dogs happy and healthy while in our care. Sent November 27th 2023

I wanted to give everyone an update on measures we are taking to prevent the spread of the current respiratory virus that's been reported in dogs. I did speak with our vet of 23 years last week regarding the matter. He has not seen any cases and we haven't seen any symptoms here at our home. At the first sign of symptoms I will alert everyone. Our vet also told me he's less concerned about a dog catching a respiratory virus in a home environment as they are less stressed than if they were in a large kennel with 100 + dogs. That stress level can lower their immunity. We've always asked that all dogs receive the kennel cough vaccine before staying with us or coming for daycare. We can't guarantee dogs will not get sick as respiratory viruses are very easily spread between dogs we are taking measures to prevent the spread if possible. Some of these measures are not new that we're doing as we've always had concerns for kennel cough but we've added some new measures.

✅ We disinfect water bowls on a daily basis and provide the dogs with multiple bowls of fresh water.

✅ Each dog is given an assigned food bowl during their stay that is labeled and kept separate for them, unless of course they come with their own dog bowl.

✅ Fresh air is very important for the dogs, we encourage them to be outside, weather permitting as much as possible.

✅ In addition we have an air purifier on the first floor of the house with a HEPA filter to improve air quality.

✅ We disinfect surfaces on a regular basis washing dog beds, blankets and toys.

If you have any questions or concerns or suggestions please reach out to me I'd be happy to discuss. Thanks, we value your trust in us and want your dogs to continue to be happy and healthy while in our care.

Jackie & Randy.